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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Happy Hour Home Christmas Gift Ideas Best Friends

Happy Hour: The perfect Christmas gift

They say that Happy Hour is the most joyful time. It's where you let your hair down after work and the hour you treat yourself before bed. In some cases it's hard to pick between a glass of vino at the bar and FOMO at home… 

Of course, there's 2-4-1 mixed drinks and you get the chance to get some answers concerning what's been happening with Sally from HR, yet at home there's shabby wine and the most recent scene of Doctor Foster. 

There is, obviously, a superior option: fulfilling your own particular Hour at home, without a moment to spare for Christmas! Rather than giving your companions normal Christmas presents this year, for what reason not go for presents with somewhat of an individual contort… Use The Mills and Boon Modern Girl's Guide to Happy Hour as your book of scriptures to get the most out of Happy Hour at home with companions. We've assembled a fab blessing guide for those companions that adoration a glass, or two…

Personalized Modern Girl’s Guide to Happy Hour Book

The ideal present for your companions who adore a reason to thump back the beverages and let their hair down. You can customize the cover, and also all the informing inside which will undoubtedly get your closest companion chuckling along.

Personalised Prosecco

Give your sweethearts a jug of Italian prosecco with a fun customized mark! Once the bubbly is altogether gone, they'll have an enchanting vase as a memento (and an inconspicuous indication of you).

Cocktail Umbrella Glass

There's something about drinking from a mixed drink glass that influences us to feel like 1920's flapper young ladies. Duplicate that refined inclination with companions and treat them to the quite jazzy mixed drink umbrella glass (ribbed for her pleasure, ahem). 

This mixed drink glass overflows retro flare! It's the ideal approach to drink a cosmopolitan, margarita, or pretty much anything alcoholic.

Love, Laughter and Prosecco Candle

A triple treat in one glass, this light joins love, giggling and prosecco (every one of the fixings expected to keep anybody glad). With a normal consume time of to 40-hours, the hypnotizing smell of vanilla and sandalwood will breath life into any live with its merry scent. 

Rather than noticing overwhelming cologne and hairspray at a bar, your lady buddies can add some radiance to their night with the prosecco light at home.

Personalised Gin O’clock

Gin is a drink that never leaves style. It has numerous useful uses, not only for your most loved party time drink. From gin candies to gin and lemon cake (it's as heavenly as it sounds), to dispensing with wrinkles, gin is an inside and out awesome refreshment. 

That is the reason each lady should know when the best time for a gin and tonic is. This Christmas, your companions will realize that consistently will surely be the most joyful hour with the gin clock.

Gin & Tonic Vintage Drink Stirrer

We're all comfortable with the maxim, 'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade', yet we think this alcoholic stirrer has a superior thought. 

Vintage, and brimming with counsel with each blend, the gin and tonic drink stirrer is convenient, handy and splendidly adequate to convey in one's handbag at whatever point the event requires a nervy drink.

With such fabulous blessings to look over, celebrating party time at home with companions has never been so much fun! Here is some something worth mulling over from The Mills and Boon Modern Girl's Guide to Happy Hour: 'Liquor… doesn't tally towards your week after week count in the event that you drink it out of a teacup before Bargain Hunt.' This will positively make any TV show or film all the more fascinating this Christmas… .

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