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Badhaai Ho Reviews


Not superstar, yet super hit in earnings

Badhaai Ho Reviews
Badhaai Ho Reviews

Badhaai Ho Reviews: The film decides how much the film will earn now, rather than the huge star cast of that film, director-banner, but rather decides the story.

Whether there is no star in the movie, marketing and story is good, the film goes on. This is what reveals the earnings of the films released at least in the past year.

In the eyes of the audience in the year 2018, those films also made their place which was of a small budget.

The big stars in the movie ‘Padmavat’ was made in 200 crores. Film critic and trade analyst Taran Adarsh ​​said, “Padmavat has earned more than 300 crores in India. Raju Hirani’s film Sanju earned more than 300 crores.”

Taran Adarsh ​​said, “In the top 10 big films of the year, there is an overwhelming majority of films which did not have such a big hero and big budget. Whether it is ‘Congratulations’, ‘Sweetheart or Sonu’s Tietu Sweetie’.

Badhaai Ho Reviews
Badhaai Ho Reviews

Taran Adarsh said, “The film is very fond of ‘congratulations’ and he has earned 50 crores and will earn more to Diwali.” In this movie, there are Ayushman Khurana, Neena Gupta and Gajraj Rao.

Shantanu Shrivastav, Akshat Gildial and Jyoti Kapoor have written the story of ‘Congratulations’ in a brilliant manner, so Amit Ravindranath Sharma has done it with the same beauty as on the film screen.

The whole family in the story remains shadow on the screen, and the film seems to revolve around all the characters, not one actor.

Badhaai Ho is very difficult to become a mother at the middle age and adopt the society, it is shown in the film. The good thing is that in the Hindi cinema the risk was raised on this story and they woken the audience.

Source: BBC


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