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John Wilkes May 10


John Wilkes Booth is an American actor who was born on 10 may, 1838 and died April 26, 1865, in Virginia, known for killing president Abraham Lincoln. He was born and brought up in a family where all the family members are involved in theatres. So he became the famous actor in the 19th century in Maryland and in worked in many other areas of United States. Booth is known for his hatred and conspiracy that he did with Lincoln and he is the biggest traitor of the 19th century. He killed Abraham Lincoln, the president for no reason but just hatred with Lincoln. He was a great actor with so much of generosity and humor to work for many plays and theatrical events during American civil war like William Shakespeare’s Richard III in New York City in 1862.Booth and the co-conspirators plotted a plan to kidnap Vice president of USA that is Andrew Johnson, secretary of state William H. Seward. They actually just planned to kidnap the union army members but decided later to kill them. Abraham Lincoln was successfully headshot by Booth but other two members successfully saved their lives, although Seward gets wounded but recovered.

Although John Wilkes is a great polished actor of his time but Booth is known to be the emotionally unstable person and that is the reason he won’t be able to cooperate with his own brother while he was rising in the acting field. After an unsuccessful event and theatrical debut from 1856-1859, he turned out to be an actor who Is in demand and thus remained as the best actor throughout American civil war. He is very much outspoken in giving speeches related to slavery and his hatred of Lincoln. He planned to kidnap or abduct president of Lincoln. He did this dreadful task along with the co-conspirators gathered in Washington, D.C.  On April 14, 1865, Booth knew that president was going to attend a comedy show in Ford theatre of Our American Cousin. While Lincoln was sitting in his president box along with Union officer Maj. Henry Rathbone along with his fiancée John Wilkes Booth killed Lincoln by shooting him from back in the head by 44 caliber derringer. All other presents in the box were injured but not died, rather Lincoln died in the next morning.

David Herold, another conspirator helped him to run away from Maryland after doing such crime. During he was running out from this murder site booth broke his leg which was treated by another conspirator doctor Samuel A. Mudd. After the assassination of Lincoln, the booth was hiding under a thicket of trees in Maryland and 100000$ would be given as a reward whomsoever able to find him. So after few days federal troop arrived there and set barn at a fire. Herold surrendered himself but John Wilkes denied and then soldier shot him. Booth was taken to the porch of the farmhouse where he died subsequently.


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